Aim High

When I graduated from college I was 25 years old and didn’t have an I.T. job.  It got desperate that I almost thought about joining the Air Force.  The Air Force you ask?  I remembered a news report years before that the Air Force was losing skilled people to the private sector, so I thought I could put my B.S. in Information Technology to use.

What stopped me was I had asthma and that would make me ineligible medically to join.  I am also anti-war so working in one of the branches of the armed forces would make me a hypocrite.  Also, my father who served in Veit Nam with the Army would have talked me out of it.  Plus a military lifestyle wasn’t for me.


Culture (cult) Shaping the new corporate management fad

Where I work we have something called culture (more like cult) shaping.  To describe it there is a link here: Senn Delaney.  I find the whole thing to be new age-y with the mood elevator which is a list of moods that was organized in a scale; kinda like a volume control on a radio.  I find that to be wrong and the fallacy of the power of positive thinking.  It if you think of only the positive and all the negative will go away.  Only thing is the bad things don’t go away, and come back to bite you.  Worst of it all is that it is forced from above making it a dictatorship.  Wishful thinking.