Not so crazy idea for a eSports League

I was in the shower and was thinking about the eSports league and how to take the format and make it more doable.  Then roller derby came into mind where a lot of local leagues came into being and then there were bouts between them as the sport progressed into travel teams.  So I am thinking maybe best to start small and make it a local amateur eSports league.  If it catches on in other cities then maybe we can have a travel league.


Crazy Idea for an eSports League

I have been looking into eSports leagues and they run a lot like NASCAR or PGA where teams would show up at a tournament and face off.  I was thinking of changing that to reflect something more like NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB where cities would have team and would have home and away games in one-on-one match ups.  Go through a regular season round robin racking up wins and loses, and then the top teams would go through a single elimination playoff for the championship.  Just think of the names of the teams for their respective city.  (a.k.a. Boston Bulldogs, New York Crossfire, Detroit Hot Rods, or the Los Angeles Spitfires?)   The more I think about it the more complicated it would get with what games will be used, regulations on equipment, venue and players.  Plus I don’t have a bank roll start it or investors to do it.

Episode 4-4: Mighty Button Mashers

Do you like video games?  I go to the Smash it Out tournament run by Smash the Roc at A Gamers Nostalgia, where competitors play Super Smash Bros. for charity event to help out a fellow gamer Alex Kuhrt.

Smash the Roc




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