Out of the Box Episode 102: OTT TV Box

Looking at the OTT TV Box and Kodi installed on it. I am going to unbox it and give a review of it.


Out of the Box Episode 101: Ancestry DNA

Ever wonder what those DNA tests entail? I will be opening the AncestryDNA kit by ancestry.com. Show you what is included and what my results are.

You Tube Finalized

OK it is official. I have left blip.TV and move them to You Tube.  I hope to have more exposer and fans and trolls.  Just look for the Radical Geek on You Tube.

You Tube Revisited

I am looking for more exposure for my videos and I am going to start posting on You Tube instead of blip tv. The reason is more people use You Tube and get more exposure so I can get more views. I also hope to have ads so I can make some money off my videos.

Promo Cards

I have made some new promo cards to help advertise my podcast some more.  Here is what they look like.

Radical Geek Promo Cards