2 episodes left

I have not forgotten to finish season 3 of the Radical Geek.  I have 2 more episodes to do to finish it off.  As for future episodes I don’t know if there will be a season 4.  It is getting harder to get to the location and interview the people.  I haven’t given up podcasting all together.  I plan to have either do a new podcast or thinking about crowd funding that documentary about DRM.  That I will have more out after I finish the season.


Update on Season 2 and a call out to my fans.

I thought that when I had season 1 done season 2 would be easier. I was wrong, it is harder because the show has to be fresh. I also had issues with potential episodes where I didn’t have time because of other obligations like I am helping out for BSidesRoc and I might not have the time to do my show and run the A/V for it. So I want ask my fans if there is something you’re part of that you think would make a good episode just leave a reply or email me. I would love the feedback.

Episode 2

I am at the same situation I was after I made my first episode of season 1.  What to do for episode 2.  Unlike then which is a long wait between episodes I do have that long to wait.  I did have a few things planned but they fell through.  Ben Nova didn’t show up at Marscon in the Twin Cities.  Was also planning on going to Libreplanet, but couldn’t get the time off, so that is for next year.  Unlike last season there are events that are coming up like BSides Rochester and Barcamp Rochester that I can film.  Wish me luck.