Do Computer Geeks Dream of Internet Stardom?

One of my dreams is to run my only new media outlet (i.e. Nerdist, Rooter Teeth, or Geek & Sundry) creating web series and podcasts.  I had some ideas about shows I could put on.  Here is a list:

Drone Racing Circuit – Travel to different drone races and broadcast them like they do with auto racing.

E-Sports League – Where teams will complete face to face every week in a round robin regular season and then a playoff to the championships.  Do this for the popular games like Call of Duty, Overwatch or League of Legends, each having there own league.

The Con Patrol – Go to different conventions like SDCC, E3, or WorldCon and talk to the celebrities and show the guest and attractions.

Primo Destructo – Lastly I thought it would be fun to have a robot like in Battlebots that would attack different objects and see what happens when they get destroyed.


Thinking About Podcasting Again

Back in 2006-ish I was introduced to podcasting by a friend at the time.  Being a fan of sci-fi I got into Escape Pod and Galacticast.  Would download them and then transfer them to PDA.  Over time I found out about Podiobooks and others that are non-scifi.  It inspired me to make my own.  So I made started making my own.

I started with The Radical Geek Video Podcast.  I thought that video would show the visual aspects of the geek community.  (Videos are in past posts)  Then there was Literary Wasteland.  Did 5 episodes of it were I would review self published speculative fiction.  I stopped that one because I am terrible with monologues because there is no feedback.

If I am going to make another podcast I would like to have a partner because I like feedback.  I don’t know what it will be about, but that is part of the fun.  Maybe do a Hogan’s Heroes introcast.

Things I need to do to my podcast.

There is to things I need to do on my podcast. Get myself on iTunes and get my Zazzle store linked. Problem with iTunes is that it doesn’t work with Linux, so I have to go on someone else’s computer and register it. For the Zazzle store can be found here.

Episode 2-6 – BarCamp Rochester Revisited

I am back a BarCamp Rochester, the unconference. We talk about 3d printing, app programming, and how to make weapons from common items that would could find around your home of office.

Promo: Waves of Tech

Season 2 update

I haven’t posted anything in awhile. I do have 2 episodes coming up in July. I am not going to tell you what they are about. I want to keep that a surprise. Also I want to know who my fans are, so make a comment saying where you’re from and what you like about the podcast.

New Promo

Finally got around to updating my promo with the address.  Click Here to Listen

Episode 2-2 – Sounds from the Pod

This episode I talk to other pdcasters and their shows. First interview is with Heather Zajkowski and Ross Johnson of the Sound of Tomorrow. Second is Sal Matt Monaco of the Oracle of Enlightenment.

Ad from Tuning into Sci-fi TV

Radical Geek on the Sound of Tomorrow

April 13 I teamed up with my friends from the Sound of Tomorrow ( I videoed them for a future episode of the Radical Geek. I was a guest on their podcast. Talked about the Rochester, NY geek scene and my podcast. I had a lot of fun, and can’t wait for it to go up.

Promo Cards

I have made some new promo cards to help advertise my podcast some more.  Here is what they look like.

Radical Geek Promo Cards

Scott Sigler Bloodcast

Horror/Sci-fi author Scott Sigler has a podcast where he reads his stories. He is also asking for other peoples promos for his podcast. I submitted mine, and waiting to hear back that it is being used in a future episode.