Flower City Comic Con 2017 Montage Video

This is a video I made of the fans at FC3 in Rochester, NY.

Flower City Comic Com: http://www.fc3roc.com

Music is Welcome to the Con by Ookla the Mok.
Written by Rand Bellavia and Adam English.


Episode 4-7: 4 Color Creators

Ever wonder what it is like to create comics and the process they go about making them.  I talk to a few comic creators and we discuss what they draw and on how they create characters.  We have an array of genres: Sci-fi, Horror, Fantasy, Humor, and True Life.


Jeremy Kahn (http://www.jkahn.org)

Sal Otero (http://www.facebook.com/innerthreat)

Liz Pritchard (http://www.paperbagcomic.com)

Nigel Carrington (http://www.starrskillscomics.com)

E. D. Mead (http://www.edmeadart.com)

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