I was a bad hacker! Not!

When I was 21 and my last year of college at Alfred State College (alfredstate.edu) I was on always on the computer exploring the then emerging Internet.  Back in 1994-95 there wasn’t a GUI to navigate around but command line.  They had a basic menu system to get to applications.  There was one flaw in it.  The first page at the bottom had 2 options: 7. Logout, 8. Exit to DOS.  Both of them would go to a command prompt and nothing else.  Some students didn’t know the difference.  So if they didn’t logout I would go to N:\ drive (personal storage) and run the old DOS command attrib +h *.*.  This would hide all their files and then I would put a file in there called readme.now as a PSA about the dangers of not logging out properly signed the Ghost in the Machine.  There was a guy I knew that talked to the college’s networking people, and said they have been having people reporting my antics, and didn’t know who it was to stop it.  I was trying to keep a straight face when he told me this.  He said wasn’t going to tell if I knew.  I told him I did it.  He kinda expected it was me or my friend Jim.  If anyone reading this was a victim of my antics I want to say I am sorry.


Episode 4-2: White Hat/Black Hat

Ever want to know what dangers lurk online and with Info Tech in general? I went to BSides Rochester a local hacker conference to learn about what threats are out there with information and computer technology.

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Episode 3-2: Life, Liberty, and Free Software Part 2

Had some much good stuff that I couldn’t keep in to just one episode. I have more interviews from LibrePlanet. Now I interview Bill Clarke who using free software to help people with brain injuries and Karen Sandler of the GNOME Foundation.

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Episode 3-1: Life, Liberty, and Free Software Part 1

Kicking off Season 3 with a trip to LibrePlanet is Boston, Ma. It is a 2 day conference centers around free (i.e. beer and freedom) software and the movement behind it. I interview Sue Gardner the out going Executive Director for Wikimedia Foundation and Remy DeCausemaker of RIT MAGIC Center that uses free software in the academic setting.

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