New Idea for a Show on Twitch.

With my friends at The Mighty Monkey Corporation ( talked about doing more with their channel. I had an idea of a show for them. It is called The One Shots. A bunch of games will play a different table top RPG every episode and then tell us what they think about the game setting and rules. Even if they don’t pick it up I will try and produce it on my own. The trick is getting the space, equipment, cast, and crew. Hopefully this will work.


Geek Code is obsolete?

Back in the 90’s when the Internet was the playground for nerds in college they created the Geek Code to show off our geekiness.  It increadiblely out of date especially with DOOM!, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Usenet, Kibo, and Dilbert.  It really needs to be updated.  USENET can be replaced with Reddit and Dilbert can be changed with web comics.  That should be updated for the times.  Well below is my geek code.  Click here to decode.

Version: 3.1
GIT d- s:+> a+ C++(+++)$>++++ UL+>++ P L++ !E—- W++ N++ !o !K w+>$ !O— !M !V PS+(++) PE-(–) Y+ PGP(++) t+ 5++ X R(+) tv+ b+(++) DI+>+++++ D G++ e++ h– r>++ y+>+++

Thinking About Podcasting Again

Back in 2006-ish I was introduced to podcasting by a friend at the time.  Being a fan of sci-fi I got into Escape Pod and Galacticast.  Would download them and then transfer them to PDA.  Over time I found out about Podiobooks and others that are non-scifi.  It inspired me to make my own.  So I made started making my own.

I started with The Radical Geek Video Podcast.  I thought that video would show the visual aspects of the geek community.  (Videos are in past posts)  Then there was Literary Wasteland.  Did 5 episodes of it were I would review self published speculative fiction.  I stopped that one because I am terrible with monologues because there is no feedback.

If I am going to make another podcast I would like to have a partner because I like feedback.  I don’t know what it will be about, but that is part of the fun.  Maybe do a Hogan’s Heroes introcast.

Not so crazy idea for a eSports League

I was in the shower and was thinking about the eSports league and how to take the format and make it more doable.  Then roller derby came into mind where a lot of local leagues came into being and then there were bouts between them as the sport progressed into travel teams.  So I am thinking maybe best to start small and make it a local amateur eSports league.  If it catches on in other cities then maybe we can have a travel league.

Crazy Idea for an eSports League

I have been looking into eSports leagues and they run a lot like NASCAR or PGA where teams would show up at a tournament and face off.  I was thinking of changing that to reflect something more like NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB where cities would have team and would have home and away games in one-on-one match ups.  Go through a regular season round robin racking up wins and loses, and then the top teams would go through a single elimination playoff for the championship.  Just think of the names of the teams for their respective city.  (a.k.a. Boston Bulldogs, New York Crossfire, Detroit Hot Rods, or the Los Angeles Spitfires?)   The more I think about it the more complicated it would get with what games will be used, regulations on equipment, venue and players.  Plus I don’t have a bank roll start it or investors to do it.

Savage Worlds Damage Track

I am a gamer.  Loved playing board games, card games, computer games, video games, role playing games, and outdoor games.  I am a fan of the Savage Worlds RPG and have created a player aid for tracking damage.  Just place a token on the 0 for Wounds and Fatigue.  Then just slide to the level you character has received from combat or healing.

To Download: SW_Damage_Track

Episode 4-5: These Guys Got Game

Ever wonder what would be to make a tabletop games? I talk to Nate Moore and Pat Murphy with Multi-Bit Games. They made a card game called Button Bashers that is themed like old arcade fighting games. The links are provided below.


Mental Meltdown

One of my hobbies is that of playing table top games.  I have tried to make games up but never succeeded.  I do have an idea of a board game called Mental Meltdown.  It is a trivia game where 7 cards are dealt face down and the categories are on the backs.  The player would choose the card he or she wants and the opposing player would read the question that corresponds to the spot on the board.  Some of the question are worth 3 points while the rest are worth 1 and a reset mechanism that would flush the cards and deal a new set.  Long game would be until 21 points.  Shorter games would be 11 or 15.

Episode 2-4 – Come See the Goblin Games

I look into the world of Live Action RolePlaying (LARP or LARPing for short) by going to the Goblin Games held be the Amtgard group Blightstone Hallow. See the people in the costumes with foam weapons in a free for all battle with goblins just to be annoying.

Promo: Dead Television Society

Radical Geek on the Sound of Tomorrow

April 13 I teamed up with my friends from the Sound of Tomorrow ( I videoed them for a future episode of the Radical Geek. I was a guest on their podcast. Talked about the Rochester, NY geek scene and my podcast. I had a lot of fun, and can’t wait for it to go up.