Flower City Comic Con 2017 Montage Video

This is a video I made of the fans at FC3 in Rochester, NY.

Flower City Comic Com: http://www.fc3roc.com

Music is Welcome to the Con by Ookla the Mok.
Written by Rand Bellavia and Adam English.


Episode 2-2 – Sounds from the Pod

This episode I talk to other pdcasters and their shows. First interview is with Heather Zajkowski and Ross Johnson of the Sound of Tomorrow. Second is Sal Matt Monaco of the Oracle of Enlightenment.

Ad from Tuning into Sci-fi TV

You Tube Revisited

I am looking for more exposure for my videos and I am going to start posting on You Tube instead of blip tv. The reason is more people use You Tube and get more exposure so I can get more views. I also hope to have ads so I can make some money off my videos.

Episode 1-8: Season One Recap [Season Finally]

This is the season one finally of the Radical Geek. I recap season one, show some bloopers and 2 interviews that I couldn’t get in previous episodes. First interview is with Dr. Pinkerton and Dr. Z of the Consortium of Genius also know as the C.O.G. A collection of mad scientists that rock. The second interview is with musician and cartoonist TV’s Kyle that is a funny musician that has hits on the funny music project. I hope you enjoyed season one and look forward to season 2 coming in 2013.