Changing Fortunes RPG

On New Year’s Eve, I was on a friend’s livestream and we played this one page RPG call The Witch is Dead.  The players play a witch’s familiar and now she is dead.  The players have to find the witch hunters eyes and put them in the witch’s corpse to resurrect her.  I played a Toad, with a dog, a fox, 2 owls, a magpie, and a rabbit.  We had fun.

This gave me an idea to try and make my own.  This game doesn’t use dice but cards.  It was inspired by an article on how inmates played D&D in prison.  It is called Changing Fortunes and it is designed to be an open action-adventure setting.  The unique feature of the game is the Fortune stat that is divided into 2 types: good and bad.  Good the player can spend on an advantage, but Bad the GM can spend against the player.

Changing Fortunes Rules

Changing Fortunes Card Face

Changing Fortunes Card Back


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