My first cosplay

I have been going to sci-fi and gaming conventions since 1988, but one thing I have never done was come in costume.  Starting this year I made a costume to wear as a mad scientist call Dr. Cerebral Gluteus.  A little back story on the character.  Back in about 2008 I got into a band call the Consortium of Genius out of New Orleans, LA.


Current Line Up of the C.O.G.

They are a band that dress a mad scientists, so I wanted to come up with my own that’s where character comes from.  I also wanted the make an company he worked for or was in charge of that spelled evil, so I came up with Esoteric Vocational Industrial Laboratories, Inc (E.V.I.L. Inc).  Halloween 2015 and I needs a costume for a party, so I decided to make him come to life.


Halloween 2015

Bought a lab coat for Uniform Village, added a shirt and tie to look professional.  Then I added was a pair of safety glasses with clip on lights, and made a badge that looks like a company ID.  Go forward to about June of 2016 and a local anime convention called Reiyacon.  I came in that character and someone was selling the goggles and gas mask and they would be a perfect addition to the costume.  There was a contest where I won a large Avengers pen for having an original character.  It really let me develop the character asking people if they have to make a small sacrifice for science by being test subjects.  Even said I was operating out of the Love Canal area of Niagara Falls, NY.


EerieCon 2016

Then went to EerieCon in Grand Island, NY and entered the contest and won an award for best presentation.  My prize is a free weekend pass to Anime North in Toronto, ON Canada.  I don’t know if I am going to it yet because the weekend is the week after Flower City Comic Com.

I have thought about doing some other ideas for costumes for future conventions.  The male version of Carmen Sandiego called Cameron Sandiego and the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.


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