Return of the R.U.D.I. project.

A few years ago I was helping out with a scifi convention and wanted to make a robot as a mascot.  I tried to learn programming arduino boards to do it.  Tried as hard as I could but couldn’t get the board programmed to work.  I scraped the project and gave some of the parts away.  Years later I was looking on Instructables and found out about the EZ-Robot Developer Kit.  So I ordered the kit and am going back to creating R.U.D.I. again.  Bring him to EerieCon
in Buffalo/Niagara Falls, NY area to entertain the guests.  Will keep you posted.

P.S. R.U.D.I. stands for Rudimentary Utility Droid Intelligence.


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3 Responses to Return of the R.U.D.I. project.

  1. james17011 says:

    Not again.
    Of course, I need to get back to playing with my RaspberryPi to try and do PiCast and maybe my “SimplePc” (Think of WebTv).

    (Or make “WiFi Bombs” that could be used to resist a Trump Reich)

  2. Radical Geek says:

    What are “WiFi Bombs”?

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