Back in college my lit teacher asked us to write a poem about Sunday.  I never wrote one so I thought I would give it a shot.  I found that I have a knack for it.  Having A.D.D. they were short and can get creative with the words.  So here was 2 poems I wrote.

Phantom Mistake

Yes I have the time

To waste it in this line

Waiting for Episode 1

The Phantom Menace

I am one of those

Die hard fans

Obsessive to the bone

No doubt about it

Sometimes I give people the creeps

They can’t believe I camped out here for weeks

They think I should pack it up

But I’m not giving up

Am I just a crazed fan?

Or am I just nuts?

I went to my seat

To see it on the screen

Then Jar-Jar Binks came out

And that was dumb

Then came Anakin

I was petrified like a mannequin

The movie I was wait for

is a piece of shit

Sometimes I think Lucas is a creep

I think I should get up off my seat

It all keeps adding up

This movie really sucks

Am I just a crazed fan?

Or am I just nuts?

Gasping at this tripe

So I believed the hype

Sometimes I give myself the creeps

I can’t believe I can I camped out here for week

I think you should pack it up

It’s not worth you 8 bucks.

Am I just a crazy fan?

Or am I nuts?

I am a Radical Geek

Do you know who I am?….I am a radical geek!

You think being a radical makes me a long haired hippy freak?

I nothing like that because I am a geek.

Think I am a fan of Star Trek or some sci fi creatures?

I am not some fan that stays on the bleachers!

Because I am hitting the bricks; I am hitting the books.

Trying to find knowledge in every dark corner and nook.

I might be in workshops working on my machines.

Or in the labs trying to cure diseases that hit the scene.

So when you see me don’t put me down or make fun.

Because I hacked your phone with ease and I am not done.

I know your bank password and all your friends.

So by nice to me or it will be your end!


About Radical Geek
IT Guy, Video Podcaster, and Sci-fi/Tech Fan. Host/Director for the Video Podcast the Radical Geek and Out of the Box.

2 Responses to Poetry

  1. Tiegan says:

    This entertained me a lot.

    Thanks for making my day! 🙂

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