Yes I had a Religion.

Back in college I experimented with religion.  I adopted Wicca as a religion.  Before I was an agnostic or nonpracticing Catholic.  Never grew up in any church environment, and never did like going the mass the one time a year I did.  Didn’t like the Christian summer camp I went to.  I even tried reading the Bible for Windows, but it was just word salad.  I heard about Wicca before from the Internet and read documents from FTP sites I downloaded.  The in October of 1994 I made the decision to be a solitary practitioner.  Did a little improved ritual.  Then I got a pentacle from Spencer’s.  Started getting the trapping for an alter and bought books.  Did the full moon rituals and the Sabbaths.  Went online to the #wicca chat room asking questions.  After about a year I stopped practicing serious and became what I would call a W.I.N.O. (Wiccan in name only)  After awhile I got tired of the flakes and the love and light BS.  I left it all in my early 30s and went back to what I was before.


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