2008 my hardest year

In 2008 I lost 3 people that I hold dear: my father, my Aunt Marge, and my personal hero George Carlin.  My dad was 60 years old and died of a heart attack.  His father died of a heart attack at 62 when I was 2 months old.  Both of them were very obese men, and so was I.  That’s why I lost weight.  I didn’t want to follow them.
My Aunt Marge was my mom’s sister and she was very obese with type 2 diabetes.  I do have fond memories of her.  She was my crazy aunt.  Never married and had no kids.  She would take me and my brother out to the movies, the park, or the dinner.  As I got older she started losing it.  Making up stories about me, my brother, or cousins.  It was sad.
George Carlin I was a fan when I was young catching his shows on HBO.  I love his take on the world.  His clever use of language was part of his humor.  I saw him in concert once and I was laughing so hard I had my head between my legs.  I miss him.


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