Losing Weight and Fat Shaming




Starting in 2012 I was 255 lbs.  I had a gym membership, and was going 5 times a week, but the weight wasn’t coming off, so I heard some co-workers talking about an app called MyFitnessPal.  I downloaded the app and started counting calories recording what I ate.  I am now 210 lbs and trying to get back to 195 lbs.  I love the weight I lost, and trust me I don’t want it found.  I feel great and have more energy, but the problem is you look at heavy people and you think if they lost weight they would look and feel better.  Then I think back to when I was that heavy and how I would feel about if someone did that to me.  So the moral is; if you lose weight great but don’t belittle people who are still fat.


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