Do Computer Geeks Dream of Internet Stardom?

One of my dreams is to run my only new media outlet (i.e. Nerdist, Rooter Teeth, or Geek & Sundry) creating web series and podcasts.  I had some ideas about shows I could put on.  Here is a list:

Drone Racing Circuit – Travel to different drone races and broadcast them like they do with auto racing.

E-Sports League – Where teams will complete face to face every week in a round robin regular season and then a playoff to the championships.  Do this for the popular games like Call of Duty, Overwatch or League of Legends, each having there own league.

The Con Patrol – Go to different conventions like SDCC, E3, or WorldCon and talk to the celebrities and show the guest and attractions.

Primo Destructo – Lastly I thought it would be fun to have a robot like in Battlebots that would attack different objects and see what happens when they get destroyed.

Thinking About Podcasting Again

Back in 2006-ish I was introduced to podcasting by a friend at the time.  Being a fan of sci-fi I got into Escape Pod and Galacticast.  Would download them and then transfer them to PDA.  Over time I found out about Podiobooks and others that are non-scifi.  It inspired me to make my own.  So I made started making my own.

I started with The Radical Geek Video Podcast.  I thought that video would show the visual aspects of the geek community.  (Videos are in past posts)  Then there was Literary Wasteland.  Did 5 episodes of it were I would review self published speculative fiction.  I stopped that one because I am terrible with monologues because there is no feedback.

If I am going to make another podcast I would like to have a partner because I like feedback.  I don’t know what it will be about, but that is part of the fun.  Maybe do a Hogan’s Heroes introcast.

Birthdays can be Depressing

On June 24, 1973 I was born.  It is not any special day in the US but it is the Nativity of St. John the Baptist.  But that isn’t why it is depressing.  Why I think it is depressing is stagnation.  Not the worlds but my own.  I think everyone does this when they get older.  Think back to some time in life when you made a different decision.  I am 43 today and never moved out on my own because of school debt I am still paying, some finance problems in my past, and my own laziness.  I can’t change that, but I can still look forward and change that.

Batman vs. Daredevil

I am a fan of Netflix Daredevil series.  It is dark and gritty.  He is like a poor man’s Batman.  Then I got the think about who would win a fight between Batman and Daredevil?  I think Daredevil would win, and here is why.  Let’s strip away the costumes to the men underneath.  Bruce Wayne is a 1% in the high society of Gotham.  A spoiled little rich kid with no parents and their money.  Matt Murdoch is born working class on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen.  He is a survivor and knows real adversity.

Yes I am a Slackivist and Other Political Views

I am a fan of Political Compass because it gives an in depth look into what your political stance is with a questionnaire that doesn’t let you choose “no position”.  Instead of using a single axis of Left and Right it uses two.  A left-right (Collectivims thru Neo-liberalism) economic x axis and an authoritarian-libertarian (Fascism thru Anarchy) social y axis.

Here is what I scored after taking the questionnaire.

Bill's Political Compass

I am Libertarian Left.  Which is odd because when I took it in the past I have been closer to the middle.  Now I am in my 40’s and it has drifted farther to the left instead of going right.  For one it might be that the political climate in the US has changed and went to the right and that I am rebelling against it in my own mind.  I know that it won’t always work, so I do try to be pragmatic, but I am lazy just posting my politics on Facebook. (a.k.a. Slacktivism)

I want to show the political compass for the 2016 US Presidential Candidates.


If you look at the Republican candidates and they are in the extreme corner of the Authoritarian Right. Hillary Clinton is in the Authoritarian Right but not to the extreme with the GOP.  This is why Republicans call everyone right of center of in the middle a liberal. Look at Bernie Sanders who is just left of center and they call him a Socialist when he is more of a Social Democrat like in Scandinavian countries.  That is how screwed up US politics is.  It is the conservative Democrats and the reactionary Republicans.

I wonder where it all went wrong?  I am a Gen X’er and grew up during Reaganomics.  Growing up I saw the slide of society turn to this pro-privatization neo-liberalism and the War on Drugs. (Which we are still fighting) In the 1992 when I was old enough to vote I wasn’t going to see another 4 years of George Bush/Day Quayle.  Voted for Bill Clinton and he did some positive thinks like rise taxes on the top tax bracket and rise the minimum wage.   He did setup some changes would make a turn to the worse.  First was the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and that shipped jobs to Mexico and created a series of free trade agreements that shipped jobs to other foreign countries.  Then there was the repeal of the Glass–Steagall Act that made the housing crisis of the early 21st Century.

Now how do we change it for the better?  One is supporting the Occupy Wall St. movement that is still going on.  There are many online efforts you can support.  Here are a few links.

Daily Kos

Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Americans of Tax Fairness

CREDO Action

I also want to get a shout out to a blog of an old college friend called Pennsylbama Rising.

Sad Puppies are Much Fun


parody of Dead Puppies by Ogden Edsl

Sad puppies, sad puppies
Sad puppies aren’t much fun

They want to say mean things
They want all the bling
Sad puppies aren’t much fun

Those puppy cried late twenty-fourteen
They keep making an awful scene
Sad puppies aren’t much fun, no, no, no

They says puppy’s days are through
They say they’re going to lose
Sad puppies aren’t much fun

Sad puppies, sad, sad, sad, sad puppies
Sad puppies aren’t much fun
Come on everybody out there, sing along, okay

Sad, sad, sad, sad puppies
Sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad puppies
Sad puppies aren’t much fun

One more time for rolling resca
Sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad puppies
Sad puppies aren’t much fun

Dog Catchers

Lately if you’re a sci-fi/fantasy fan you might of heard about the Sad or Rabid Puppies.  They are a campaign to get books from white male authors nominated for a Hugo and try to flood the slate of categories to once of there approval.  The system is easy to game for that of all it’s over 10000 members at WorldCon only a small portion of them submit ballots for nomination.  This has many of the same vain as Gamergate.  It seems like the right wing hate machine is getting it tentacles into everything that is changing to be more diverse.

So how we going to change this you ask?  Do the same that the occupy movement and the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.  We need to get the rest of the WorldCon goes to nominate books that are not supported by the sad puppies.  To strengthen are resolve like the Occupy Wall St movement.  Pressure authors and artists to no accept the nomination if they are on the sad puppies list.  Same goes for publishers also.  TO BE DOG CATCHERS.

R.U.D.I. Project Update

Just wanted to give you an update on my robot project.  The EZ-Builder developer kit is turning out to be working quite nicely.  The different components in the developer app makes it easy to add controls to the servos and accessories.  Let me break down what I am hoping to have by EerieCon in Sept-Oct.

Mark I

  • Wheels in the feet to have it move forward, backwards and turn like a tank
  • Head to rotate 90 degrees left and right, 60 degrees up and 30 degrees down
  • 3×3 LED grid for each eye.
  • Camera to get a first person view to drive
  • Talk/Beep to interact with the people
  • Interface on my tablet to control it

Biggest problem I am having is the speech functions.  I could type it and get the bot to say it but that only works on the laptop and not the tablet.  Thought about having a microphone that I could talk into and it would come out of the robot speaker, but there is no means to do that.  Thought about having it beep like R2-D2 or BB-8 and I just press buttons on the app to make the noises or setup a chat bot interface with a microphone and speaker.

The problem with the chat bot is I will have to hack the brain and solder on a speaker and microphone and make the chat bot with Pandora Bots.  With Pandora bots though I have to make the responses for questions people might ask.

If I finish with Mark I will make a Mark II?  I have thought about adding some of the following items.

Potential Mark II upgrades

  • Arms with possible pinchers for hands
  • Flashlight
  • Cigarette Lighter
  • Drink Tray
  • Laser Pointer
  • MP3 player
  • Phone Charger

The cigarette lighter, flashlight, laser pointer and phone charger would be on arms would extend and retract from the body like R2-D2, and the drink tray would attach to the arms.  The ideas are endless but time and effort aren’t, so I think I will keep it to Mark I.

Bernie, Bernie

I am nervous about going to the polls for the NY Primary because of the dirty tricks that Clinton has done in other states.  I have voted in primaries before (2004 and 2008).  This is big because I am a Bernie Sanders supporter, and if he wins it will greatly narrow Clinton’s lead and maybe surpass.  (I can only hope.)  There was some news that a polling place in Greece, NY was having problems.  Looked into and it isn’t my polling place.  I just want to vote.

Imperfect People, Imperfect World

I had a friend just come out as transgender and that makes a total of 6 people I have met that are transgender.  (5 male-to-female and 1 female-to-male)  It got me thinking about imperfection and what it means.  The saying nobody is perfect is fitting but everyone reflexes that imperfection differently.  I was thinking about the different types of imperfects there are.  There are physical disabilities, mental disabilities, sexual orientations, and gender identities that can be considered that.  One thing that we all have the right is be able to face them and seek help so that we can have a “normal” life and as a society we need to make sure that we accept then and give our support.  At the end of the day we are just people; imperfect in every way.