Perspective on Immigration.

Back in 1869, my great-great grandparents immigrated to the US from the North German Confederation. They were from the region known as Westphalia.  It is located in Western Germany and shares a border with France.  In 1870 the 2nd French Empire invaded starting the Franco-Prussian War into regions that included Westphalia.  My Great-Great Grandfather would have been conscripted into the military and the region would be ravaged by war hurting the local communities and the economy.  They left just in time to the US and settle in an area south of Syracuse, NY.

Let’s look at the caravan of people from Honduras that are making there way to the US.  According to Human Rights Watch, the nation’s government is corrupt with police abuse and repression of basic freedoms of speech, press, and assembly.  Also, women and other marginalized groups live in fear and many other abuses.  If you want to read more about it here is a link giving you a complete picture:  So the next time you complain about immigrants should go back to their country they came from please remember that more likely your ancestors came here from a time where that country had similar conditions that the ones current immigrants are coming from now.


The Elephant in the Democratic Party?

What platform should the Democratic Party run on?  Should they run on impeaching President Trump?  The short answer is yes.  The long answer is yes, but…..

I feel the impeachment is a good platform, but it is only good in the short term.  Say there is a victory and Trump is impeached, then what’s next?  There is a split in the Democratic Party between the Establishment Dems (Clinton, Boxer, Feinstein) and the Progressive/Grassroots Dems (Warren).  This is the issue facing the party.  If they stay with the Establishment then GOP will still have a moderately strong foothold in Congress and it will be more policies supporting the 1% and low voter turn out.

Now if they try and balance a platform and incorporate more progressive policies something like with the New Deal.  Then maybe they will have what happened in the 1912 election when Dems embraced a progressive platform that helped Woodrow Wilson with the presidency.  Only time will tell but if we support more progressive candidates we may have the turnout like Bernie Sanders had in 2016.

Nerfing the Dead, Revisited

Recently I went to a red carpet event for the latest installment of the web series Dead Reckoning called Dead Reckoning: Evolution. It was fun and it was nice seeing Nate Sorrentino again to see how he’s progressed in his filmmaking. I say again because back in 2015 I interviewed him about his show. I am glad to see he is still making videos. You can check the video here: Nerfing the Dead.  To see his new show is an improvement to what he made in the past.  The aesthetics are nice looking and the special effects fit the story.

Life, the update

I haven’t posted to my blog in awhile.  Things have changed since my last post.  First thing is I lost my job late January when my contract was terminated early from the lack of work.  I was unemployed through most of February.  I have started a new job that is contract-to-hire, hopefully it turns into a full time hire.  As for Inter Quartet Media that has been stalled because of the above reasons, but now I have been looking to get that back up.  I have a few ideas for podcasts, and will keep you posted on it.

eSports League actually happened

It was 2 years ago that I mused about having an eSports League: post 1, post 2.  Well there is one, and it is called The Overwatch League.  There are 12 teams in major cities in the world.  (9 US, 1 China, 1 South Korea, 1 UK)  This is there 1st season and popularity for it is substantial.  Right now all the games are at Blizzard’s Overwatch Arena, but plans for the future is to have each city with their own arena with home and away games.  I wish them good luck at making it a success.

Inter Quarter Media

I just want to give an update on my new media venture called Inter Quarter Media.  It will start with a podcast with my friend JT.  It is a comedy podcast in character talking about things in pop culture.  I have looked into web hosting and swag and found something that will work for my needs right now.  Web hosting will be done on Bravehost. (  With the swag, I am going to be setting up a store on Tee Republic. (  Also, hope to have a Patreon account to get funding for costs.  I will keep you updated when the site goes live.

Sci-fi flags

One of my interests is heraldry and vexillology (the study of flags).  Also as a sci-fi and RPG fan, I thought I show you a few flags that I made for a setting I am working on.

First is the Terran Confederation.

This represents the main human empire in the galaxy with its capital world of Earth.  The midnight blue background is to represent outer space with the yellow sun to be the Sun and the blue circle cross is an astrological system of Earth the home of the human race.  I have thought about olive branches in yellow around it or other objects.  Or just to change it have 4 pointed stars around it to represent the planets in the confederation.

Second is the Compact of New Zion.

This is a splinter group of humanity started by ultra-conservative Christians.  The background is black to represent space with a white and yellow cross over it.  The white is the purity of their faith and the yellow is the light of God over the darkness.  I was also thinking of adding some other Christian imagery, but it would make it too complicated.

The third is the Republic of New Texas.

This one was just a fun what if people from Texas set up an independent Texas on another planet.  So I took the Flag of Texas and change it to have 3 stripes(red, white, red) instead of 2(white, red).

I plan on having more like an Islamic splinter, some political factions, and alien flags.




I am working on an owncloud cloud server on a Raspberry Pi.  It has been frustrating.  That’s where I came up with the hashtag #nerdworldproblems, because it is.

Boredom is an Invisible Prison

Boredom is an Invisible Prison




Yes I tell you that.

Shout it out loud.

From the top of hill, roof and lung.




Stuck here at this desk.

Mind just turning into jello.

Staring into two flat screens of mediocrity.




Waiting for the time is right.

Run to the exit of my predicament

To escape this blight of mental inactivity.




But I just need to wait.

I can hold on for a little bit.

I will be free at last.


I am bored.


Not so loud as before.

Quiet as I work?

Doing something to let the minutes go by fast.


I am bored?


My jailors are just freed me.

I get outside the gate.

Jumping up and down like my life is great.

Die -=ShoEboX=-, Die

Die -=ShoEboX=-, Die

By Bill Horst-Kotter (Screaming his lungs out)

I see you prancing on the stage

Better if you are locked in a cage

It is much better that way

Bound and gagged with nothing to say

Die Shoebox, Die

You big annoying guy!


The dead Ramones don’t like your songs

And Frank Zappa thinks you’re wrong

If I had a couple hundred bucks

I’d get Pac-Man to chomp on your guts

Die Shoebox, Die

You big annoying guy!


I trying to do Synthpunk

But this arrangement really sucks

I guess I am really jealous of him

Thinking I was better on a whim

Die Bill, Die

You dumb annoying guy