Downloaded the free version of the video editing software.  Looking to try out and see if there is some more professional videos.

Episode 4-1: Nerfing the Dead

Is the rise of streaming video services (i.e. You Tube) people have been creating web series programs. I talk to Nate Sorrentino for Agent Jonny B Films ( production called Dead Reckoning.   It is based on Humans vs. Zombies games on college campus. Promo: Glow-in-the-Dark Radio

Mic Problems

The lapel mics I bought didn’t work with the audio mix because they need to be powered mics to work with the camcorder.

New Toys


Got some new field audio mixer and lapel mics so my I can get better audio.

Radical Geek gets Nutty

I have the enjoyment of being on Nutty Bites: The Non-Valentine’s Day Show.  I sneaked on and talked about what movies we like for not celebrating Valentine’s Day.  Mostly horror movies.  I hope you enjoy.

RocPodFest 2015

I am going to be doing RocPodFest this year.  I have something planned for the 10 minutes I am on.  Link to the event is below.

Facebook Event: Radical Geek at RocPodFest


RocPodFest in coming up on February 6-7.  I still need a guest to interview for my spot.  I have a few ideas listed here.

1.) Talk to one of the organizers of RocPodCasts and ask them how they got started.

2.) Bring someone from the outside as a guest.

3.) Talk to the podcasters in the audience. (Will need to make a shoulder rig for the camera to be mobile.)

Stay tuned for more.

Season 4

I have been thinking about making a season 4.  (Fans Cheer). I have a few ideas on future episodes and can brush off episodes I couldn’t do in season 3.  Hopefully I can brain storm some ideas and have a complete 8 episodes.

Questionable Future

I have mentioned in earlier posts that season 4 may or may not happen because of lack of original content.  I am going to brainstorm for future episodes and see if it is feasible.  I will keep you posted.

Episode 3-8: Whatcha Making?

Ever wonder what a maker faire is?  I go to the Rochester Mini Maker Faire and show what everyone in making, or DIY projects.  We talk to the builders from the Rochester Lego Users Group (LUG) with a model airport made from LEGO.  Then we talk to the members in charge of the Physics Bus where they show physics exhibits.  Dig into robotics with First Robotics Team 1511: Penfield HS Rolling Thunder.  Lastly we take apart old electronics and find out how they tick with Take It Apart.

Promo: We Be Geeks


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