New Toys


Got some new field audio mixer and lapel mics so my I can get better audio.

Radical Geek gets Nutty

I have the enjoyment of being on Nutty Bites: The Non-Valentine’s Day Show.  I sneaked on and talked about what movies we like for not celebrating Valentine’s Day.  Mostly horror movies.  I hope you enjoy.

RocPodFest 2015

I am going to be doing RocPodFest this year.  I have something planned for the 10 minutes I am on.  Link to the event is below.

Facebook Event: Radical Geek at RocPodFest


RocPodFest in coming up on February 6-7.  I still need a guest to interview for my spot.  I have a few ideas listed here.

1.) Talk to one of the organizers of RocPodCasts and ask them how they got started.

2.) Bring someone from the outside as a guest.

3.) Talk to the podcasters in the audience. (Will need to make a shoulder rig for the camera to be mobile.)

Stay tuned for more.

Season 4

I have been thinking about making a season 4.  (Fans Cheer). I have a few ideas on future episodes and can brush off episodes I couldn’t do in season 3.  Hopefully I can brain storm some ideas and have a complete 8 episodes.

Questionable Future

I have mentioned in earlier posts that season 4 may or may not happen because of lack of original content.  I am going to brainstorm for future episodes and see if it is feasible.  I will keep you posted.

Episode 3-8: Whatcha Making?

Ever wonder what a maker faire is?  I go to the Rochester Mini Maker Faire and show what everyone in making, or DIY projects.  We talk to the builders from the Rochester Lego Users Group (LUG) with a model airport made from LEGO.  Then we talk to the members in charge of the Physics Bus where they show physics exhibits.  Dig into robotics with First Robotics Team 1511: Penfield HS Rolling Thunder.  Lastly we take apart old electronics and find out how they tick with Take It Apart.

Promo: We Be Geeks

Episode 3-7: Full Steam Ahead

Steampunk is a genre of fiction that is set in Victorian times with themes from classic sci-fi authors like Jules Verne and H. G. Wells.  Fans have embraced it with there own spin in fashion, regalia, and crafts.  I went to a picnic held by the Rochester Steampunk and talked to a few of the members about the costumes, crafts, and love of Victorian Age with a twist.

2 episodes left

I have not forgotten to finish season 3 of the Radical Geek.  I have 2 more episodes to do to finish it off.  As for future episodes I don’t know if there will be a season 4.  It is getting harder to get to the location and interview the people.  I haven’t given up podcasting all together.  I plan to have either do a new podcast or thinking about crowd funding that documentary about DRM.  That I will have more out after I finish the season.

Expedition Granted Update

I didn’t make it as a finalist for National Geographic’s Expedition Granted.  It does make me a little heart broken that I didn’t make it, but my dream about making the documentary hasn’t gone away.  Right now I am thinking about crowd funding my film.  I will keep you posted on that.


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