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I have said that I will be wrapping up the Radical Geek and talked about doing another podcast after this is done.  Target Acquired where I make fun of telemarketers, but a lot of them are robocalls, so there is no reaction.  I decided to go back to an old idea where I review self published genre fiction.  Call it Literary Wasteland.

Episode 4-5: These Guys Got Game

Ever wonder what would be to make a tabletop games? I talk to Nate Moore and Pat Murphy with Multi-Bit Games. They made a card game called Button Bashers that is themed like old arcade fighting games. The links are provided below.


Mental Meltdown

One of my hobbies is that of playing table top games.  I have tried to make games up but never succeeded.  I do have an idea of a board game called Mental Meltdown.  It is a trivia game where 7 cards are dealt face down and the categories are on the backs.  The player would choose the card he or she wants and the opposing player would read the question that corresponds to the spot on the board.  Some of the question are worth 3 points while the rest are worth 1 and a reset mechanism that would flush the cards and deal a new set.  Long game would be until 21 points.  Shorter games would be 11 or 15.


I want to tell my readers more about myself.  I attempted suicide twice in my life.  When I was 19 I was in college I tried hanging myself of the loft in my dorm room with my karate belt.  I had it round my neck and was standing on a chair.  I slowing lean forward and the chair comes out under me.  My toes touch on the floor and being partially strangled.  I took the crude noose off and promised not to do that again.  Years latter in my mid-20’s and I was struggling with the working world.  I tried a garbage bag and rubber band over my head when I was asleep.  I took the bag off my head told myself it was stupid.  The issue was my ADHD wasn’t treated and made my mind go to dark places.  Once I went on medication that train of thought was gone.

New changes to the Radical Geek

I am wrapping up the video podcast but I am going to try a blog more.  Be more out going and turn this into a Vlog maybe.  Look for more posts in the future.

Episode 4-4: Mighty Button Mashers

Do you like video games?  I go to the Smash it Out tournament run by Smash the Roc at A Gamers Nostalgia, where competitors play Super Smash Bros. for charity event to help out a fellow gamer Alex Kuhrt.

Smash the Roc




Go Fund Me for Alex Kuhrt:

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Episode 4-3: Do You Need a Hand?

Welcome to e-Nable Lab at RIT which is part of an international effort to make prosthetic hands for Children and Adults.  I will talk to some of the scientist and volunteers in how they are made.

e-Nable the Future




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Radical Geek @ BarCamp Rochester

Just want to tell people I will be at BarCamp Rochester giving a presentation and manning the Interlock Rochester table.  BarCamp is what they call an Unconference where the participants can give a presentation by placing it on a blank schedule.  There are a lot of interesting talks.  Mostly science/technical subjects but there are some non-tech one.  I was at one that was for comedy improv.  If you want to come down it will be at RIT in the B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences at 10:00 am.  It is worth checking out.

Here are the 2 episodes I did there:

Episode 1-2: BarCamp Rochester

Episode 2-6 – BarCamp Rochester Revisited

Episode 4-2: White Hat/Black Hat

Ever want to know what dangers lurk online and with Info Tech in general? I went to BSides Rochester a local hacker conference to learn about what threats are out there with information and computer technology.

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Downloaded the free version of the video editing software.  Looking to try out and see if there is some more professional videos.


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