2008 my hardest year

In 2008 I lost 3 people that I hold dear: my father, my Aunt Marge, and my personal hero George Carlin.  My dad was 60 years old and died of a heart attack.  His father died of a heart attack at 62 when I was 2 months old.  Both of them were very obese men, and so was I.  That’s why I lost weight.  I didn’t want to follow them.
My Aunt Marge was my mom’s sister and she was very obese with type 2 diabetes.  I do have fond memories of her.  She was my crazy aunt.  Never married and had no kids.  She would take me and my brother out to the movies, the park, or the dinner.  As I got older she started losing it.  Making up stories about me, my brother, or cousins.  It was sad.
George Carlin I was a fan when I was young catching his shows on HBO.  I love his take on the world.  His clever use of language was part of his humor.  I saw him in concert once and I was laughing so hard I had my head between my legs.  I miss him.

Losing Weight and Fat Shaming




Starting in 2012 I was 255 lbs.  I had a gym membership, and was going 5 times a week, but the weight wasn’t coming off, so I heard some co-workers talking about an app called MyFitnessPal.  I downloaded the app and started counting calories recording what I ate.  I am now 210 lbs and trying to get back to 195 lbs.  I love the weight I lost, and trust me I don’t want it found.  I feel great and have more energy, but the problem is you look at heavy people and you think if they lost weight they would look and feel better.  Then I think back to when I was that heavy and how I would feel about if someone did that to me.  So the moral is; if you lose weight great but don’t belittle people who are still fat.

On Nutty Bites Again

Some podcasts are doing the Dog Days of Podcasting where people post an episode for a day throughout August.  My fellow podcaster Nutty Nuchtchas from the Nutty Bites podcast is doing that with interviews of other interesting people.  She put out a call and I volunteered to be a guest.  We talked about podcasting and other things.  You can listen on the link below.


Episode 4-6: Among the Flock

Did you every wonder about the Open Source community and Fedora OS.  I went to Flock to Fedora, a free conference hosted by Red Hat and others.  This is an annual conference where industry professions and Fedora enthusiasts have lectures and workshops about Fedora and different applications on it.

Flock to Fedora: http://www.flocktofedora.org/

Fedora OS: https://getfedora.org/

RIT MAGIC Center: http://magic.rit.edu/main/index.html

Jaguarboard: http://www.jaguarboard.org/index.php

Major Hayden: https://major.io/

Promo: The Might Marvel Geeks

I was a bad hacker! Not!

When I was 21 and my last year of college at Alfred State College (alfredstate.edu) I was on always on the computer exploring the then emerging Internet.  Back in 1994-95 there wasn’t a GUI to navigate around but command line.  They had a basic menu system to get to applications.  There was one flaw in it.  The first page at the bottom had 2 options: 7. Logout, 8. Exit to DOS.  Both of them would go to a command prompt and nothing else.  Some students didn’t know the difference.  So if they didn’t logout I would go to N:\ drive (personal storage) and run the old DOS command attrib +h *.*.  This would hide all their files and then I would put a file in there called readme.now as a PSA about the dangers of not logging out properly signed the Ghost in the Machine.  There was a guy I knew that talked to the college’s networking people, and said they have been having people reporting my antics, and didn’t know who it was to stop it.  I was trying to keep a straight face when he told me this.  He said wasn’t going to tell if I knew.  I told him I did it.  He kinda expected it was me or my friend Jim.  If anyone reading this was a victim of my antics I want to say I am sorry.

Adventures in (Juvenile) Crime

When I was 11 my 6th grade class took a trip to a amusement called near Buffalo called Darien Lake.  This is the only time I shoplifted.  This was back in 1985 where there wasn’t the restriction on backpacks.  I had money but I spent it on food and the arcade with nothing for a souvenir.  All my classmates talked about getting something and I wanted to but couldn’t.  I grab a toy pop gun and put it in my backpack.  When I left the shop I took the gun out and threw away the wrapping.  Also I didn’t get caught, and promised myself that I wouldn’t do it again.  Yes I knew better, but I will say that I haven’t broken my promise, and I didn’t shoplifted again.


When I was a kid I collected comic books, and was a fan of Marvel back into the 80’s.  I guess every kid that buys them hopes that one day some of them would be worth something.  I held on to them until recently and take them to a comic shop only to find them not worth anything.  I kinda figured that they might not be worth it, so I gave them away.

My late father was a hoarder and we could never have a car in the garage because of the junk he accumulated.  I would joke about it being my inheritance, and it was.  The line he always used was, “It could be worth something, someday.”  I hated when he said that.  Some of the things were like the scrap metal, but most of it was junk.

What little I know of my dad growing up and the events that would cause it.  He was in an iron lung for polio when he was a kid.  Couldn’t see his family or his friends from school.  Next traumatic was serving in the army during the Vietnam war and saw friends and squad mates die.  He did his tour and came back home.  Then his parents died: first his mom and then his dad.

What I have to say it I didn’t follow him.  I didn’t hoard things.

New Podcast

I have said that I will be wrapping up the Radical Geek and talked about doing another podcast after this is done.  Target Acquired where I make fun of telemarketers, but a lot of them are robocalls, so there is no reaction.  I decided to go back to an old idea where I review self published genre fiction.  Call it Literary Wasteland.

Episode 4-5: These Guys Got Game

Ever wonder what would be to make a tabletop games? I talk to Nate Moore and Pat Murphy with Multi-Bit Games. They made a card game called Button Bashers that is themed like old arcade fighting games. The links are provided below.

Website: http://www.multibitgames.com/
Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/multibitgames/button-bashers-turbo

Mental Meltdown

One of my hobbies is that of playing table top games.  I have tried to make games up but never succeeded.  I do have an idea of a board game called Mental Meltdown.  It is a trivia game where 7 cards are dealt face down and the categories are on the backs.  The player would choose the card he or she wants and the opposing player would read the question that corresponds to the spot on the board.  Some of the question are worth 3 points while the rest are worth 1 and a reset mechanism that would flush the cards and deal a new set.  Long game would be until 21 points.  Shorter games would be 11 or 15.


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