Episode 3-6: A Speculative Bunch

I am back after a short hiatus, but that is the norm for me. I have a new episode for all my fans where I talk to the member of the Rochester Speculative Literature Association (R-Spec for short). They have been support writes of the speculative genres (Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery and everything in between).

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Things I need to do to my podcast.

There is to things I need to do on my podcast. Get myself on iTunes and get my Zazzle store linked. Problem with iTunes is that it doesn’t work with Linux, so I have to go on someone else’s computer and register it. For the Zazzle store can be found here.

On the Funny Nerd Podcast

I was promoting my project on the podasphere and The Funny Nerd Podcast ask if I wanted to be on it. So I was interviewed by him here: The Funny Nerd: Do You Copy.

Link to my project.

In my past posts I have talked about the project I submitted to National Geographic’s Expedition Granted. I neglected to put the link, so here it is: Do You Copy.

Creating a Documentary

I was researching about making a documentary film and the biggest hurdle is the story.  I was thinking more like a paper or print but with film it is the story and character.  So a film about DRM who is the character and the struggles?  Well then I could put the character as someone that is the victim?  My curiosity on the technology and its affect on the end users?  I think the latter might be the way to go.

Expedition Granted

I have some great news. I submitted a project for National Geographic’s Expedition Granted. NatGeo is giving away $50,000 to pursue passion that is innovative and has a positive effect locally or globally. I submitted a project to produce a documentary on DRM and it’s effect on the end user. I call it “Do You Copy?” so check it out and remember to give your support of it.

I’m on BuzzFeed!!!!!!!!

They were taking pictures at FuMPFest and I made #18.



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