Carnival of Curiosity

If anyone of my fans want to meet me in person I will be at the Rochester Museum and Science Center on Friday April 25, 2014.

Need a New Theme Song

I lost the opening theme music when my external HDD crashed and found it again online to download.
The site is called Free Play Music and they changed the site so the tracks aren’t free. Which goes back to a thought I had about changing it. I do have some musician friends and maybe one of them can do a theme for me? If anyone is interested we should talk.

External HDD Died….Bummer

I found out my external HDD took a dirt nap.  I was using that to backup my files.  Lucky most of them are on another computer.  Bad new is I lost most of my videos and opening sequence that I have for my podcast.  The finished episodes I have on the hosting site that I can download again.  I just have to recreate my opening sequence and closing credits.

Episode 3-2: Life, Liberty, and Free Software Part 2

Had some much good stuff that I couldn’t keep in to just one episode. I have more interviews from LibrePlanet. Now I interview Bill Clarke who using free software to help people with brain injuries and Karen Sandler of the GNOME Foundation.

Promo: Pop Mockers

Large File Download, Small File Download

BSides Rochester was a bust :(

I went to the local information security convention looking to record a video for the podcast.  The location was to noisy and was not a good place to have an interview.  Hopefully I can get some new material to fill into this season.  If you have any ideas for future episodes please email me radical(at)

Episode 3-1: Life, Liberty, and Free Software Part 1

Kicking off Season 3 with a trip to LibrePlanet is Boston, Ma. It is a 2 day conference centers around free (i.e. beer and freedom) software and the movement behind it. I interview Sue Gardner the out going Executive Director for Wikimedia Foundation and Remy DeCausemaker of RIT MAGIC Center that uses free software in the academic setting.

Promo: Earth Station One

Large File Download, Small File Download

LibrePlanet in Boston

Any of you want to meet me I will be LibrePlanet at MIT on March 22-23, 2014.


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