I was watching the Iowa Caucus and it was a nail biter.  I am a Bernie Sanders support and he had no superpac support or rich donors and trailed behind Hillary Clinton by 4/10 of a percent.  I would love if he won, but the presidential race isn’t a sprint but a marathon, and Bernie and Hillary broke from the pack.  He is on her heels and may over take the lead during Super Tuesday.  Only concern is accusation of Hillary changing the vote to her favor.  Bernie is a fighter and so is his posse and we will make sure this election is fair.  Because if it goes unchallenged then it is Florida in 2000 all over again where Al Gore decided to concede the election then staying in for the end and could of won.  The corruption in the US is getting worse.  This has to stop.  That’s why Bernie Has a Posse.

Floatball: Future Sport

When I was in Jr High(1985-87) I remember this Foot Locker commercial during the Superbowl.  (Superbowl Ad)  It showed this futuristic sport with players are flying and trying to get a ball into a goal that was the size of the ball.  Some players had an arm cannon to launch the ball why others had a scoop on one hand to catch and throw the ball.  This kinda stuck with me, and inspired me to create a future sport that was in zero-gee called Pargon.  The more I looked into weightlessness it has evolved over time to be Floatball.
The rules were taken from Team Handball/Water Polo and goes as follows.  The playing area is an enclosed space that is 20-30m wide by 15-20m deep by 2.5-3m high (Partly based on water polo pool), so there is no out of bounds.  There were poles placed throughout the “field” so players can change direction.  Goals where in the end walls 2.5 meters wide and meter high with bars along the opening for the goalie to hold on to.  There is 7 players to a side: 1 goalie and 6 field players (i.e. water polo and team handball).   Playing time was divided into 4 quarters of 8 minutes.  Goals are worth 1 point. 
Game would start with the ball in the center with one player for each team would do a jump ball/face off where one would push off the floor with another player off the ceiling.  Penalties would be spearing where a player would charge head or shoulder first into another player.  Holding onto another player and an push off where you would launch yourself off another player.

Not so crazy idea for a eSports League

I was in the shower and was thinking about the eSports league and how to take the format and make it more doable.  Then roller derby came into mind where a lot of local leagues came into being and then there were bouts between them as the sport progressed into travel teams.  So I am thinking maybe best to start small and make it a local amateur eSports league.  If it catches on in other cities then maybe we can have a travel league.

Crazy Idea for an eSports League

I have been looking into eSports leagues and they run a lot like NASCAR or PGA where teams would show up at a tournament and face off.  I was thinking of changing that to reflect something more like NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB where cities would have team and would have home and away games in one-on-one match ups.  Go through a regular season round robin racking up wins and loses, and then the top teams would go through a single elimination playoff for the championship.  Just think of the names of the teams for their respective city.  (a.k.a. Boston Bulldogs, New York Crossfire, Detroit Hot Rods, or the Los Angeles Spitfires?)   The more I think about it the more complicated it would get with what games will be used, regulations on equipment, venue and players.  Plus I don’t have a bank roll start it or investors to do it.

Culture (cult) Shaping the new corporate management fad

Where I work we have something called culture (more like cult) shaping.  To describe it there is a link here: Senn Delaney.  I find the whole thing to be new age-y with the mood elevator which is a list of moods that was organized in a scale; kinda like a volume control on a radio.  I find that to be wrong and the fallacy of the power of positive thinking.  It if you think of only the positive and all the negative will go away.  Only thing is the bad things don’t go away, and come back to bite you.  Worst of it all is that it is forced from above making it a dictatorship.  Wishful thinking.

Star Wars

I finally seen Star Wars: The Force Awakened, and it was better then the prequels and the holiday specials combined.  Back in the Empire Strikes Back, Harrison Ford wanted to have Han Solo character killed off because his story was done.  He was frozen in Carbonite and brought back in Return of the Jedi.  In Force Awakened he got his wish.

The character Fin in the movie I thought was an interesting to have it from a perspective of a stormtrooper of the First Order.  He goes to his first battle and freezes; having a crisis of conscience of what he is doing and who his allegiance is with.

The character of Rey is good because she wasn’t a Mary Sue.  We only see a glimpse of the character that I hope will be expanded in the next movies.

I enjoyed the new movie and look forward to the next 2.


I am a member of Interlock Rochester, which is a local hacker space.  People there are working on projects and I though that I make something that is fun.  So I made a Festivus pole like mentioned in an episode of Seinfeld.  The pole is supposed to be unadorned.  I started with a aluminum shower curtain rod with a flange and some 1/2 inch thick MDF.IMG_20151208_191548748

Then I cut the MDF to an 8 inch square as the base.IMG_20151208_192737682

Attached the flange to the center of the board.IMG_20151208_202034630

Put some electrical tape to the end in the flange so it will stay in and pole for Festivus for the rest of us.



One of my vices is gambling.  Back in March of 2000 was the first time I was unemployed and I was depressed.  I started playing scratch off and won $500 on one ticket.  That fueled my obsession to play more.  I would spend hoping that I hit the jackpot and not have to work anymore.  That lasted for awhile, but I stopped for awhile.  Then I started working and didn’t spend on lottery tickets.  Then I went back to playing just so I don’t have to work.  Wishfully thinking because I know the odds are designed against the player.  I tried casinos but lottery tickets are more convenience and don’t cost as much.

ADHD and Dyslexia

One of the symptoms of ADHD is Dyslexia.  Because your mind can’t focus on just one thing it will try to short cut it by putting in words that aren’t written or see different letters.  One of the variations is called Dysgraphia which is issues with putting thoughts in writing.  I remember when I had to write something for school I would stare at the page or screen for a long trying to put something down.  Word processors and computers with grammar and spell check has helped.  Writing down notes from someone speaking I couldn’t do because it wouldn’t be able to listen and write at the same time.  Part of the reason I went into I.T. is so I wouldn’t have to write long reports.  I would also try to avoid putting myself in positions of more responsibility for the same reason.


Back in college my lit teacher asked us to write a poem about Sunday.  I never wrote one so I thought I would give it a shot.  I found that I have a knack for it.  Having A.D.D. they were short and can get creative with the words.  So here was 2 poems I wrote.

Phantom Mistake

Yes I have the time

To waste it in this line

Waiting for Episode 1

The Phantom Menace

I am one of those

Die hard fans

Obsessive to the bone

No doubt about it

Sometimes I give people the creeps

They can’t believe I camped out here for weeks

They think I should pack it up

But I’m not giving up

Am I just a crazed fan?

Or am I just nuts?

I went to my seat

To see it on the screen

Then Jar-Jar Binks came out

And that was dumb

Then came Anakin

I was petrified like a mannequin

The movie I was wait for

is a piece of shit

Sometimes I think Lucas is a creep

I think I should get up off my seat

It all keeps adding up

This movie really sucks

Am I just a crazed fan?

Or am I just nuts?

Gasping at this tripe

So I believed the hype

Sometimes I give myself the creeps

I can’t believe I can I camped out here for week

I think you should pack it up

It’s not worth you 8 bucks.

Am I just a crazy fan?

Or am I nuts?

I am a Radical Geek

Do you know who I am?….I am a radical geek!

You think being a radical makes me a long haired hippy freak?

I nothing like that because I am a geek.

Think I am a fan of Star Trek or some sci fi creatures?

I am not some fan that stays on the bleachers!

Because I am hitting the bricks; I am hitting the books.

Trying to find knowledge in every dark corner and nook.

I might be in workshops working on my machines.

Or in the labs trying to cure diseases that hit the scene.

So when you see me don’t put me down or make fun.

Because I hacked your phone with ease and I am not done.

I know your bank password and all your friends.

So by nice to me or it will be your end!


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