Expedition Granted

I have some great news. I submitted a project for National Geographic’s Expedition Granted. NatGeo is giving away $50,000 to pursue passion that is innovative and has a positive effect locally or globally. I submitted a project to produce a documentary on DRM and it’s effect on the end user. I call it “Do You Copy?” so check it out and remember to give your support of it.

I’m on BuzzFeed!!!!!!!!

They were taking pictures at FuMPFest and I made #18.


Need new theme music

Looked into free play music about how much it would be for the music to be on YouTube for business use. It would cost me $250 a year on one video. I have more then that so it would be an expensive endeavor. So to my musician friends, if you like to donate a 30 sec instrumental for a news/documentary program email me at radicalgeek(at)gmail.com with a link or attachment of music.

Making money

Seriously thinking of putting ads in my Videos to make money off them.  I can do that with YouTube, but all of it needs to be original content and my theme music isn’t.  I will have to check with the FreePlayMusic what the charge is.  If I can’t afford it I will have to see if I know any musicians that will make one for me.

Episode 3-5: Getting the FuMP On, Part 2

Have more from the FuMPFest with more comedy musicians. Interview both Tony Goldmark and Insane Ian who are both auxiliary members of the Funny Music Project a.k.a. The FuMP. They talk how they got started and what inspires the music they create.

Promo: The Beer Trail

Episode 3-4: Getting the FuMP On, Part 1

Went to the FuMPFest in Chicago, IL to talk to former radio personality and now internet personality Dr. Demento. The Doctor has been playing comedy songs for over 40 years and has introduced the world to artist like “Weird” Al Yankovic, Barnes and Barnes, the great Luke Ski, Devo Spice and a host of others. Also interviewed comedy rap duo Garden Fresh from Rochester, NY, where they explain the humor of their music.

Promo: The Fantasticast

RadicalGeek in Chi-town

On June 20th through 23rd I will be in Chicago for FuMPFest. It will be at the Westin Chicago North Shore in Wheeling, IL. Come enjoy the comedy music, and come meet me, the face of the Radical Geek.


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