One of my vices is gambling.  Back in March of 2000 was the first time I was unemployed and I was depressed.  I started playing scratch off and won $500 on one ticket.  That fueled my obsession to play more.  I would spend hoping that I hit the jackpot and not have to work anymore.  That lasted for awhile, but I stopped for awhile.  Then I started working and didn’t spend on lottery tickets.  Then I went back to playing just so I don’t have to work.  Wishfully thinking because I know the odds are designed against the player.  I tried casinos but lottery tickets are more convenience and don’t cost as much.

ADHD and Dyslexia

One of the symptoms of ADHD is Dyslexia.  Because your mind can’t focus on just one thing it will try to short cut it by putting in words that aren’t written or see different letters.  One of the variations is called Dysgraphia which is issues with putting thoughts in writing.  I remember when I had to write something for school I would stare at the page or screen for a long trying to put something down.  Word processors and computers with grammar and spell check has helped.  Writing down notes from someone speaking I couldn’t do because it wouldn’t be able to listen and write at the same time.  Part of the reason I went into I.T. is so I wouldn’t have to write long reports.  I would also try to avoid putting myself in positions of more responsibility for the same reason.


Back in college my lit teacher asked us to write a poem about Sunday.  I never wrote one so I thought I would give it a shot.  I found that I have a knack for it.  Having A.D.D. they were short and can get creative with the words.  So here was 2 poems I wrote.

Phantom Mistake

Yes I have the time

To waste it in this line

Waiting for Episode 1

The Phantom Menace

I am one of those

Die hard fans

Obsessive to the bone

No doubt about it

Sometimes I give people the creeps

They can’t believe I camped out here for weeks

They think I should pack it up

But I’m not giving up

Am I just a crazed fan?

Or am I just nuts?

I went to my seat

To see it on the screen

Then Jar-Jar Binks came out

And that was dumb

Then came Anakin

I was petrified like a mannequin

The movie I was wait for

is a piece of shit

Sometimes I think Lucas is a creep

I think I should get up off my seat

It all keeps adding up

This movie really sucks

Am I just a crazed fan?

Or am I just nuts?

Gasping at this tripe

So I believed the hype

Sometimes I give myself the creeps

I can’t believe I can I camped out here for week

I think you should pack it up

It’s not worth you 8 bucks.

Am I just a crazy fan?

Or am I nuts?

I am a Radical Geek

Do you know who I am?….I am a radical geek!

You think being a radical makes me a long haired hippy freak?

I nothing like that because I am a geek.

Think I am a fan of Star Trek or some sci fi creatures?

I am not some fan that stays on the bleachers!

Because I am hitting the bricks; I am hitting the books.

Trying to find knowledge in every dark corner and nook.

I might be in workshops working on my machines.

Or in the labs trying to cure diseases that hit the scene.

So when you see me don’t put me down or make fun.

Because I hacked your phone with ease and I am not done.

I know your bank password and all your friends.

So by nice to me or it will be your end!

Savage Worlds Damage Track

I am a gamer.  Loved playing board games, card games, computer games, video games, role playing games, and outdoor games.  I am a fan of the Savage Worlds RPG and have created a player aid for tracking damage.  Just place a token on the 0 for Wounds and Fatigue.  Then just slide to the level you character has received from combat or healing.

To Download: SW_Damage_Track

Why I stopped the Radical Geek Video Podcast

I just wrapped up the final episode of the video podcast.  You might be wondering why I ended it.  It got harder to come up with original topics and find people to interview about it.  That is why I stopped podcasting.

Episode 4-8: Radical Geek Farewell

Sorry everyone but this is the last episode of the Radical Geek.  I had fun interviewing all the interesting people and places.  I do have a show and in this episode I talk an eclectic mix of people.  Starting out I interview science fiction author Derwin Mak, then going to Sherri Fairchild and Frank Nicosea from DMon Productions in zombie makeup talking about there movie Fester, and finishing it off is Canada’s geekyist media personality Liana Kerzner.


Derwin Mak


Twitter: @DerwinMaksf


DMon Productions



Liana Kerzner


Twitter: @redlianak

You Tube:

Agents of Cosplay at the Escapist Magazine:

Promo: Unofficial 75 Greatest Marvels Countdown


I will be at Eeriecon in Niagara Falls, NY this weekend.  I will be filming an episode on Friday 10/2/2015 at 9:00 pm.

More info on the con go to

Episode 4-7: 4 Color Creators

Ever wonder what it is like to create comics and the process they go about making them.  I talk to a few comic creators and we discuss what they draw and on how they create characters.  We have an array of genres: Sci-fi, Horror, Fantasy, Humor, and True Life.


Jeremy Kahn (

Sal Otero (

Liz Pritchard (

Nigel Carrington (

E. D. Mead (

Promo: Get Published, Flash Pulp

Yes I had a Religion.

Back in college I experimented with religion.  I adopted Wicca as a religion.  Before I was an agnostic or nonpracticing Catholic.  Never grew up in any church environment, and never did like going the mass the one time a year I did.  Didn’t like the Christian summer camp I went to.  I even tried reading the Bible for Windows, but it was just word salad.  I heard about Wicca before from the Internet and read documents from FTP sites I downloaded.  The in October of 1994 I made the decision to be a solitary practitioner.  Did a little improved ritual.  Then I got a pentacle from Spencer’s.  Started getting the trapping for an alter and bought books.  Did the full moon rituals and the Sabbaths.  Went online to the #wicca chat room asking questions.  After about a year I stopped practicing serious and became what I would call a W.I.N.O. (Wiccan in name only)  After awhile I got tired of the flakes and the love and light BS.  I left it all in my early 30s and went back to what I was before.

Even Pacifists have Violent Fantasies

The strangest thing about being a pacifist is violent fantasies.  Yes I imagine beating people up.  I would even go as far as punching the air imagining the person I want to beat up.  I will make noise and have other people in the house will ask what I am doing.  I have to calm down or I am going to break something.


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