I have been looking into a setting up a Patreon account to support my podcasts.  I will look into it an keep you posted.

Radical Geek on Robot Overlordz

I was a guest over at the Robot Overlordz to talk about my project on National Geographic’s Expedition Granted.  As I mentioned in previous posts I have a project to get funding a documentary on DRM.  The hosts Mike Johnston and Matt Bolton were gracious and we talked little about the Radical Geek and the project. You can check it out the episode here.

New podcast idea

I thought about doing another podcast where I record telemarketers and prank them.  Think I might call it Target Acquired.

Episode 3-6: A Speculative Bunch

I am back after a short hiatus, but that is the norm for me. I have a new episode for all my fans where I talk to the member of the Rochester Speculative Literature Association (R-Spec for short). They have been support writes of the speculative genres (Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery and everything in between).

Promo: Good To Be A Gamer Podcast

Things I need to do to my podcast.

There is to things I need to do on my podcast. Get myself on iTunes and get my Zazzle store linked. Problem with iTunes is that it doesn’t work with Linux, so I have to go on someone else’s computer and register it. For the Zazzle store can be found here.

On the Funny Nerd Podcast

I was promoting my project on the podasphere and The Funny Nerd Podcast ask if I wanted to be on it. So I was interviewed by him here: The Funny Nerd: Do You Copy.

Link to my project.

In my past posts I have talked about the project I submitted to National Geographic’s Expedition Granted. I neglected to put the link, so here it is: Do You Copy.


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